We believe Davis triggers are the finest on the market today. They have heat-treated steel triggers and mild steel plates. The bars can be cold bent slightly to match the stock contour. However, before bending the triggers, they must be heated to a red heat. The sear tips will become soft from heating, and should be rehardened. Heat to a bright cherry red, (1525 degrees F.) and quench in lightweight (10W) machine oil. Polish trigger, and slowly reheat to a light blue color (590 degrees F.) Most of our triggers are also available in kit form with assembly instructions included.

All R.E. Davis Triggers have replacement parts. To view a list of those parts [click here].

All triggers and trigger plates are also sold separately as raw castings. Contact us for pricing.

Davis Set Triggers

"Jaeger" Double Set Trigger

Item #0008

"Hawken" Trigger

Item #0009

Davis "Deerslayer" Trigger

Item #1007

Single Set Trigger

Item #0003

French Type "D" Trigger & Plate

Item #0969, #0974
$12.00 - $16.00

Davis Single Pull Triggers

"York" Single Pull Trigger

Item #0005

"Bivins" Trigger

Item #0210

"C. Brooks" Single Pull Trigger

Item #0007

Single Pull Pistol Trigger

Item #0287